Things a fundraiser can do on Friday afternoon

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50 Things a Fundraiser can do on Friday Afternoon

Ahhhh, the sweet taste of a Friday afternoon.  You’ve got some time before quitting time, but not enough to start a whole new project (that you’d probably have to RESTART on Monday).  So here are 50 things a fundraiser can do with just a few minutes left in their Friday work day.  

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1. Wrap up all pending emails and communications.

2. Set priorities for the next week.

3. Organize your workspace for a fresh start on Monday.

4. Check off accomplished tasks from your weekly to-do list.

5. Take a moment to appreciate what you've achieved throughout the week.

6. Write yourself a joyful note to read first thing Monday morning.

7. Send out thank-you emails to team members or volunteers.

8. Click save on all the important documents open on your computer.

9. Empty your downloads folder.

10. Log the week's accomplishments in a success journal.

11. Make sure all your digital files are backed up.

12. Listen to their favorite 'end-of-week' playlist.

13. Take a few moments to do some desk exercises and stretches.

14. Leave a positive note for a coworker to find on Monday.

15. Gather any work to take home over the weekend (just kidding! Unless you absolutely have too…)

16. Check in with a team member who had a rough week before they leave.

17. Check of the office mailbox or post box one last time.

18. Go over financials or budgets for the next week.

19. Post a wrap-up of the week's achievements on social media.

20. Check up on any weekend events or programs.

21. Take some time to decompress and practice mindfulness.

22. Say goodbye to each colleague before heading out.

23. Water the office plants or feed the office fish.

24. Have a brief meeting with the team to celebrate the week's successes.

25. Make sure all office equipment is turned off.

26. Go through a relaxing end-of-week meditation routine.

27. Go for an end-of-week team coffee or drink.

28. Do a quick inventory check for office supplies.

29. Reflect on the week and write down any lessons learned.

30. Schedule any necessary appointments for the following week.

31. Put away any shared resources or materials that might be in the conference room.

32. Celebrate the completion of a project or task (or just the end of a week!).

33. Take a few minutes to read industry news.

34. Take a few moments to decorate your workspace with personal items.

35. Read an inspiring article or story related to your mission.

36. Have a fun conversation with a colleague about weekend plans.

37. Say a motivational quote aloud to get excited for the next week.

38. Schedule motivational messages for social media over the weekend.

39. Write down a few professional or personal goals for the next week.

40. Leave a surprise treat for the office cleaner.

41. Write a plan for your Monday morning meeting.

42. Share a funny or inspiring video with the team.

43. Take a final walk around the office to ensure everything is in order.

44. Clear your computer's browser history.

45. Post an appreciation message for the team on the office bulletin board.

46. Take a picture of your workspace to share on personal social media.

48. Write a handwritten thank you note to a mentor.

49. Send out event reminders for the following week.

50. Walk out the door with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment.

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