50 Things Fundraisers Do When They Think No One Is Looking

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50 Things Fundraisers Do When They Think No One Is Looking

Fundraising can be a lonely job… long hours, high stress situations.  Here’s a list of 50 things we do when we need a quick mental break or (this is rare!) we find ourselves with nothing to do.  And when we think no one is looking 😊  If you’d like to be surrounded by fundraisers like who, who like to laugh and don’t take themselves TOO seriously, come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference -- Nonprofit Storytelling Conference!

1. Making funny faces at themselves in the mirror before a big presentation.

2. Trying out different poses for their professional headshot when nobody is around.

3. Mimicking a tough phone call to relieve stress.

4. Googling random things related to their cause or project for inspiration.

5. Sneaking a bite of the communal snacks in the breakroom.

6. Listening to energetic music to pump themselves up before a major event.

7. Checking the mirror for spinach in their teeth after lunch.

8. Taking a few minutes to meditate or do some deep breathing exercises at their desk.

9. Talking to the office plants, believing it helps them grow.

10. Practicing their elevator pitch in the elevator.

11. Making a mini-basketball hoop with a trash can and crumpled paper.

12. Using fun filters on their work selfies.

13. Checking the organization’s social media stats one more time.

14. Rearranging their desk for the fifth time that week.

15. Breaking into a spontaneous dance when their favorite song comes on.

16. Clicking refresh repeatedly on their email, waiting for a response.

17. Pulling out a hidden stash of candy or snacks from their desk.

18. Taking off their shoes under their desk.

19. Attempting to learn a new language relevant to their cause during breaks.

20. Sketching doodles of their colleagues or office scenery.

21. Trying to beat their record for speed typing.

22. Practicing yoga poses or other exercises in their office.

23. Taking a quick power nap during their lunch break.

24. Playing with fidget toys while on a conference call.

25. Singing along to their favorite songs.

26. Taking funny selfies with office props when everyone else has gone.

27. Doing a victory dance when they get a big donation.

28. Giving an imaginary acceptance speech for a major award.

29. Daydreaming about what they would do with a million-dollar donation.

30. Watching cute animal videos to distress.

31. Pretending to be on a talk show explaining their mission.

32. Checking their horoscope or tarot cards during a break.

33. Practicing their networking handshake.

34. Reading motivational quotes to get inspired.

35. Having a quick video chat with their kids or pets at home.

36. Sneaking in a quick workout or stretch routine.

37. Trying to balance office supplies in a tower.

38. Giving themselves a quick pep talk before a meeting.

39. Rehearsing their speech or presentation using funny accents.

40. Trying to see how fast they can run up the stairs.

41. Imagining what they'd do if they won the lottery.

42. Making a cup of coffee or tea and savoring the moment of peace.

43. Watering the office plants and talking to them.

44. Sneaking a quick video game break.

45. Walking around the office to get their steps in.

46. Doing quick touch-ups on their make-up or hair.

47. Humming or whistling their favorite tune.

48. Making shadow puppets with their hands.

49. Trying to throw paper balls into the trash can from a distance.

50. Taking a short, quiet walk around the building to clear their head.

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