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Tom Ahern
Donor Communications

Tom Ahern

All I ever wanted to do was write.

I didn't care what: I just wanted my life to be "in words." I've written bad plays, bad novels, bad poems (and a rare good one, too). Several early collections of short stories were published.

The need to make a living led me into PR, magazine journalism, corporate and employee communications, and advertising. That last was the one that stuck. I really like selling. I've read every expert I can: there are close to 500 how-to books in my office today. I've sold online lottery systems, roof membranes, disability insurance, adult education and a zoo, among other things.

Finally, thanks to my wife/partner, Simone Joyaux, I ended up writing fundraising stuff. Where I reside today.

My favorite storytellers are...

...The four screenwriters credited with the 1998 film, Armageddon. The most emotionally satisfying movie ever made. Used by NASA to test new hires, as a "spot all the science errors" exercise.

My gift to you:

On my website there's a free section.  You'll find all sorts of helpful examples of case studies and donor communication pieces.

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twitter: ​@thattomahern

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I'll be presenting at the 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  

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