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Meet the Donors: How to Send a Donor Survey in Four Easy Steps
with Shanon Doolittle

Donor surveys are a great tool to create deeper connection with your donors.

And it's never been easier to quickly create and send a survey that'll make your donors feel GREAT about supporting your organization.

In this video (recorded for an episode of Tactical Thursdays), Shanon Doolittle's shares her super simple method for surveying your donors.

You'll get Shanon's tips on creating a project timeline, choosing your survey tool, picking your questions, and encouraging your donors to complete your survey.  After Shanon's presentation, there's about 30 minutes of Q&A -- you don't want to miss that either!

Shanon's the Queen of Donor Stewardship -- and she's one of the best teachers in the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference community. 

As a bonus, you can download Shanon's guidebook (and sample survey questions).  Just click the blue button under the video to download the file.

So, fill out the form below and get started creating a donor survey. You'll also get instant access to all 50+ episodes of Tactical Thursdays!

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