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Tune In Tuesdays

Week 6 --How to use Facebook to grow your email list, cultivate your supporters, and prime your donors
With Tim Kachuriak

This week, we dip into the vault for a powerful session that reveals the secret to finding new donors online -- and how to use Facebook to cultivate and prime the donors you already have.

In this video, you'll see how simple and easy it is to find donations online, based on science and data (the speaker works for NextAfter, and they've spent MILLIONS of dollars split testing everything from email subject lines to donation forms)..

Engaging with your donors online is one of the best ways to raise the most money (especially as we approach year-end)  And if you’d like to take a deeper dive into digital fundraising and learn how to find new donors and get more donations online, come to this year’s Nonprofit Storytelling Conference (to get a ticket click here).

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Find new donors
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  1. How to Get More People to Give by Turning Your Website into a Laboratory
  2. Reporting to Donors by Email
  3. Creating a High Converting Donation Page
  4. Keeping Communication Personal in a Digital World
  5. How to use Facebook to Grow Your Email List, Cultivate Your Supporters, and Prime Your Donors

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