Upload - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Upload Your Items

For the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference 2019 presenters only.

On this page, please upload your following items:

  • Presentation slides - as a PDF file
  • Action guide  
  • 30 second Video
  • Photos

When you name your files, please use the following naming formula:


As an example, let's say you had a presentation titled "How to Teach Board Members to Tell Better Stories".  You would name your presentation slides:


The name of your action guide that goes along with your presentation would be named:


One thing to note:

Because presentation titles tend to be long, please shorten them in the file name.  As you can see in the examples above, the name of the presentation was shortened using the key words from the longer title. "How to Teach Board Members to Tell Better Stories" became "board-better-stories".

In order to keep everything organized, there are three upload buttons below.  

When you click on a button, it will take you to a Google Drive page where you can upload the specific item. 

When you land on the Google Drive page, the first things you'll see are files that other presenters uploaded.  In order to upload your files, drag your files from your desktop onto the Google Drive webpage.  There is no "upload" button.  So just drag your files onto the page.  Google will then upload them to the shared folder.

Click the buttons below to upload the different items.