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New... and created for you!

Viral Campaign Club

Ready to tackle creating a viral campaign that will help you grow your organization, find new donors and become better known in your community?

You're in the right place!

Big projects like creating a viral campaign are always better when done collectively -- in a community. Which is why I've created the Viral Campaign Club.

From the first stages of creating a viral campaign to the implementation phase (and everything in between), the Viral Campaign Club will be a place for you to connect with your peers and get expert guidance from the folks who created the Viral Campaign Builder.

Fill out the form below and join us for the first Viral Campaign Club meeting of 2024 on January 9 at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET.

By the way, the Viral Campaign Club is FREE.

After you fill out the form, you'll have a chance to fill out a short questionnaire to help us learn a bit more about you and your organization.  And you will get an email with the Zoom link for our next meeting.