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Viral Campaign Club

Thanks for signing up for the Viral Campaign Club!

You're going to create a powerful campaign that grows your organization and finds you more donors and  community partners.

So that you can get the most out of the Viral Campaign Club, please complete the survey below.  

And don't forget -- our first meeting is November 20 at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET.  You'll get an email with a Zoom link!

Viral Campaign Club Survey
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Do you have an idea for what your viral campaign will focus on?
How often would you like to meet with your peers in the Viral Campaign Club?
There are a few different ways we could structure the Viral Campaign Club. Here's Option One: Independent Work with regular Q&A webinar. You'd work on your viral campaign independently. The VCC would gather on Zoom, share their progress and ask questions of Chris and Josh
Here's Option Two: Independent Work with weekly collaborative working time. You'd work on your Viral Campaign independently. Each week, Josh would host a 2 hour 'writing room' on Zoom for you to dive in to your campaign. Though the work would be done independently, you'd be doing it on Zoom with others (which helps with accountability!).
Here's Option Three: A combination! The club will meet regularly for a writers room and once a month for a Q&A.
When would you like to START working on your Viral Campaign?