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Attract new donors and become the talk of the town!

If you want to attract new donors, grow your organization, and generate buzz around your cause, then you need a viral campaign. And creating one just got easier and more effective!

Introducing the "Viral Campaign Builder" – the simplest and fastest tool for creating a viral campaign.

Get more people talking, donating, and engaging with your organization. 

The Viral Campaign Builder will revolutionize how your organization reaches its goals, brings in new donors, and gets more people talking about your mission. 

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On this page you'll learn about:

  • 3 Types of Viral Campaigns
  • 5 New Tools that Power the Viral Campaign Builder
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Your Viral Campaign
  • How You Build a Viral Campaign

Viral campaigns work wonders in attracting new donors from outside your normal network.

Below are the 3 types of viral campaigns with examples:

3 Types of Viral Campaigns

 1. Community Viral Campaign - This type of viral campaign is designed to deeply resonate and spread within a local community or specific target group.

The goal here isn't necessarily about reaching millions of people worldwide, but about creating a buzz, a sense of unity, and driving action within a specific community. It is characterized by high engagement levels within the community or target group, increased local recognition, and a significant uptick in community support. 

EXAMPLE: Covenant House's "Sleep Out" event exemplifies a Community Viral Campaign.

Community members sleep outside for a night, raising awareness and funds for homeless youth. The event's striking visuals, impactful message, and clear alignment with the organization's mission have garnered significant community attention and media coverage.

This campaign has created a strong resonance within their community, drawing attention to the plight of homeless youth and Covenant House's role in providing solutions. 

2. Special Interest Viral Campaign - These campaigns cater to a niche or special interest group that extends beyond a local community. These campaigns are highly targeted and focus on engaging a specific subset of people who share a particular interest, profession, or cause. 

The goal here is to create a campaign that spreads rapidly within this specialized group, leading to increased visibility, support, and action.

EXAMPLE: The "Movember" campaign is a great example of a special interest viral campaign.

Movember, which encourages men to grow a mustache in November and raise funds for men's health issues, spread rapidly among a specific demographic: MEN. This campaign gained massive popularity and participation among its targeted group.

3. Mega Viral Campaign - This is the viral campaign that becomes a global sensation. It transcends local communities and special interest groups to capture the imagination of the general public worldwide.

These campaigns often have a universal appeal and have the potential to create massive change and global recognition. While they provide incredible results, they require a significant amount of luck and timing and are less predictable and controllable than the other types of viral campaigns.

EXAMPLE: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an example of a mega viral campaign.

This campaign involved people dumping a bucket of ice water over their heads, then challenging others to do the same while making a donation to ALS research.

The campaign spread worldwide and drew participation from celebrities and everyday people alike. It created global awareness about ALS and raised millions of dollars for research.

The Viral Campaign Builder is your guide, showing you the ins and outs of building each of these campaign types. 

5 Tools Inside the
Viral Campaign Builder

At the core of the Viral Campaign Builder is a suite of five innovative tools designed to get you new donors and make you the talk of the town.

  1. SparkStorm - Supercharges your creativity and generates a torrent of fresh campaign ideas
  2. TrendSeer - Helps you identify and tap into community trends and values
  3. MessageMaker - Craft messages and fundraising asks that connect, captivate, and convince donors to support your cause
  4. CampaignCrafter - Simplifies your campaign planning, maximizes impact and makes sure everything lines up with your goals
  5. BuzzBrigade - Unlocks the power of influencers, media, and community networks to amplify your message

Each tool is unique and can be used on its own. But when you use them together, they make a great system that helps you to plan, craft, and execute viral campaigns with precision and ease.

You'll laugh and have a great time as you put these tools into action (especially when using the SparkStorm tool).  You'll also save time, boost engagement, strengthen team collaboration, and really connect with the people you want to reach.  

Here's more about each of these five powerful tools:


"SparkStorm" is a powerhouse idea generator.

This ingenious tool drives your idea generation process to uncharted territories. Say goodbye to stale, overused ideas and hello to fresh, captivating concepts tailor-made for your audience and cause. 

SparkStorm fuels your creativity to catapult your cause into the spotlight. 

With its unique approach, it guides you to combine familiar elements in novel ways, fostering captivating, tailor-made ideas. Maximize your resources, save time, and boost your team's morale with interesting campaigns that align with your mission and values.

Ignite the game-changer within you - let SparkStorm transform your campaigns and make your cause impossible to ignore.


"TrendSeer" is your guide to truly understanding and connecting with your community.

It's not just about observing trends, it's about uncovering the deep, often hidden values that drive your community. This tool enables you to tap into the heart of your community by showcasing methods to identify prevalent trends and deeply-held values.

With "TrendSeer", you won't just be observing from the sidelines; you'll be initiating conversations that matter. You'll step into your community's rhythm and create campaigns that truly resonate.


"MessageMaker" is your ultimate ally in crafting powerful, compelling messages and fundraising asks. 

This tool takes you beyond the ordinary, beyond the generic appeals, straight into the heart of what makes your community and donors respond. It guides you in creating messages that not only inform, but inspire, motivate, and resonate deeply with your audience.

With "MessageMaker", you're not just asking for donations, you're creating a bond between your cause and your donors, making them feel part of something bigger.


"CampaignCrafter" is a time saving tool and your blueprint for engaging with your community. 

You'll get pre-built campaign templates for you to customize.

These templates, coupled with the main Viral Campaign Builder training, give you a clear roadmap for structuring and planning a successful campaign - that attracts new donors and gets more people talking about your organization.


"BuzzBrigade" is a power-packed tool designed to amplify the speed and reach of your nonprofit's campaign message.

This tool not only guides you in how to effectively utilize the potential influencers, local media, businesses, and passionate community members, but also lays out strategic steps to inspire them to become active participants in your mission.

With BuzzBrigade, your campaign message gets a wider reach, increased engagement, and transforms your supporters into an active brigade that gets people outside your normal circle talking about your mission.

Using AI in Your Viral Campaign

AI can greatly improve the success of your viral campaign. 

Using AI can offer immense benefits to you, starting from content creation to audience engagement and even in analyzing your campaign's success. 

As part of the Viral Campaign Builder you'll discover under-the-radar AI tools and strategies to streamline content creation, automate your social media, and increase audience engagement. It'll also help you anticipate future trends. 

Using AI is about enhancing your human creativity with data-driven insights, allowing you to connect with your community more effectively than ever before.

How You Build a Viral Campaign

Building your viral campaign should be 
filled with c
reativity and excitement!

Creating a viral campaign can be a fun and exciting adventure. It's a chance for you and your team to think creatively and have some laughs along the way.

Imagine working with your board members and staff, sharing ideas, and enjoying the process. The Viral Campaign Builder makes this possible. It helps you create a strong story together, and brings everyone closer in the process.

The best part?

You'll feel a great sense of achievement. Not just because you've made a successful campaign, but because you've had a good time doing it. This journey with the Viral Campaign Builder is not just about the end result. It's about the rewarding journey of getting there.


If you want a viral campaign that draws in new donors and gets your community buzzing about your cause, then get the Viral Campaign Builder. 

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