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50 Ways to Get More Donations

Every organization wants more donations.  More donations = more revenue = more mission work = more change in the world.  Here are a list of 50 creative ways to get more donations (of any size).  If you’d like to learn more about where to find donations, and how to turn your STORIES into donations, come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference!

1. Online Fundraising: Leverage your website and social media platforms to ask for donations.

2. Email Campaigns: Send regular newsletters to your subscribers with compelling stories, statistics, and clear calls to action to donate.

3. Social Media Promotion: Regularly post about your mission, achievements, and ways to donate on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Crowdfunding: Launch a campaign on platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo.

5. Corporate Sponsorships: Partner with corporations for mutual benefits.

6. Direct Mail Campaigns: Send letters or postcards with your organization's story and a call to donate.

7. Fundraising Events: Host events like galas, charity runs, or auctions.

8. Peer-to-peer Fundraising: Encourage your supporters to raise money on your behalf.

9. Mobile Giving: Create a platform that allows people to donate easily through their smartphones.

10. Cause Marketing: Collaborate with businesses where a portion of their sales goes to your cause.

11. Major Donor Outreach: Identify individuals capable of making significant donations and build relationships with them.

12. Grant Writing: Apply for grants from foundations and government bodies.

13. Planned Giving: Encourage your supporters to leave donations in their wills or estates.

14. Online Charity Shops: Sell items online where the profits go to your cause.

15. Vehicle Donation Programs: Allow supporters to donate their used vehicles.

16. Community Fundraising: Organize local activities and events to generate funds.

17. Charity Concerts: Collaborate with local bands or artists for a concert where the ticket sales are donated.

18. Create a Podcast: Share stories about your cause and ask for donations.

19. Establish a Monthly Giving Program: Encourage regular, recurring donations.

20. Blogging: Share impactful stories and updates about your work, with clear calls to action.

21. YouTube Channel: Create videos showcasing your work and appeal for donations.

22. Promote Tax Benefits: Make sure your supporters are aware of the tax benefits they may receive.

23. Challenge or Adventure Events: Organize activities like sponsored walks, climbs, or marathons.

24. LinkedIn Networking: Connect with potential donors through professional networks.

25. Use of Influencers: Collaborate with social media influencers to raise awareness and ask for donations.

26. Google Ad Grants: Take advantage of Google's program for nonprofits to drive traffic to your donation page.

27. Offer Donation Gift Cards: Let people give the gift of charitable giving.

28. Coffee Fundraising: Partner with coffee companies to sell their products for a cause.

29. Create a Donor Recognition Program: Offer recognition to motivate and retain donors.

30. Giving Tuesday: Capitalize on this global day of giving.

31. Start a Scholarship Fund: Allows people to donate towards a cause that will benefit individuals directly.

32. Volunteer for Donation: Allow people to donate their time and skills, which can indirectly lead to financial donations.

33. Employee Giving Programs: Encourage businesses to run employee giving schemes where donations are matched.

34. Host a Charity Dinner: Invite potential donors for a dinner and share your mission and vision with them.

35. Offer Naming Opportunities: Recognize large gifts by naming a project or a place after the donor.

36. Organize a Telethon or Radiothon: A traditional yet effective fundraising method.

37. Engage Community Foundations: Establish a relationship with your local community foundation and explore ways they can connect you with funders in your community.

38. Attend Charity Fairs: Set up booths at fairs to raise awareness and collect donations.

39. Build a Giving Circle: Encourage donors to come together and pool their donations.

40. Silent Auctions: Auction items or services with the proceeds going to your organization.

41. Street Fundraising: Collect donations in public places.

42. Donor-Advised Funds: Promote the use of these funds which give donors the ability to recommend grants to their favorite charities.

43. Use a Text-to-Give Service: Allows supporters to text a number to make a donation.

44. Quiz or Trivia Night: Charge for entry to a fun quiz night with the proceeds going to your nonprofit.

45. Art Exhibition: Host an art show where a portion of the sales are donated.

46. Crowdsourcing: Use platforms like Kickstarter to encourage donations for a specific project.

47. Social Entrepreneurship: Start a business where the profits support your nonprofit.

48. Door to Door Fundraising: Canvass your local area to raise awareness and collect donations.

49. Charity Sports Event: Partner with a local sports team for a charity game.

50. Virtual Fundraising Events: Online events, like webinars or virtual runs, can reach a larger audience.

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