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50 Ways to Thank a Donor

No donor has ever said “Please stop thanking me!”  But you want to make sure you’re thanking sincerely and in a personalized way – especially for major donors.  As you’re looking over this list of 50 ways to thank a donor, don’t forget to showcasing the impact the donor’s gift has made.  If you want to learn more about thanking and stewarding your donors, come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference!

1. Send a personalized thank you letter.

2. Call to express your gratitude.

3. Send a handwritten note.

4. Share a video message from a team member or beneficiary.

5. Send a photo of your team or a beneficiary with a note.

6. Include a mention of them in your organization's newsletter.

7. Thank them publicly on your organization's social media platforms.

8. Dedicate a blog post to them.

9. Send a personalized thank you email.

10. Create a "wall of fame" in your office for your donors.

11. Invite them to a special event.

12. Give them a tour of your organization's facilities.

13. Offer a small gift of appreciation.

14. Dedicate a project or initiative to them.

15. Name a scholarship after them.

16. Offer them a special title or role within the organization.

17. Include a thank you note in your annual report.

18. Host a special dinner or gathering for your donors.

19. Provide regular updates on how their donation is being used.

20. Create a donor appreciation video.

21. Include a special "thank you" in your organization's merchandise.

22. Dedicate a day to them on your social media platforms.

23. Feature them in your organization's promotional materials.

24. Design a custom "thank you" infographic.

25. Send them a custom "thank you" artwork.

26. Ask beneficiaries to send them a personal thank you note.

27. Have volunteers thank them personally.

28. Send them an annual "impact report".

29. Organize a "thank you" flash mob.

30. Include them in your organization's "thank you" song.

31. Create a personalized "thank you" banner on your website.

32. Send a postcard from your organization's location.

33. Create a "thank you" mural at your organization's location.

34. Send a gift card to a local business.

35. Invite them to a virtual meet-and-greet with your team or beneficiaries.

36. Offer a workshop or class exclusive for donors.

37. Mention them during a public speech or event.

38. Organize a volunteer event in their honor.

39. Set up a regular "thank you" breakfast, lunch, or coffee date.

40. Name a room or building after them.

41. Publish a "thank you" ad in your local newspaper.

42. Make a "thank you" craft with materials related to your mission.

43. Plant a tree or dedicate a garden to them.

44. Provide a donor appreciation certificate.

45. Develop a custom "thank you" game or puzzle.

46. Organize a surprise "thank you" party.

47. Offer a special discount on your organization's merchandise or events.

48. Send them a book related to your organization's mission with a thank you note inside.

49. Invite them to speak at an event or to be part of a panel.

50. Simply show up at their door with a smile and a heartfelt "thank you" (respecting privacy and safety guidelines).

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