The 5 Stories Your Nonprofit NEEDS to be Telling - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

The 5 Stories Your Nonprofit NEEDS to be Telling

Marc A. Pitman

Donors get distracted.

And when we get our donors' attention - they aren't necessarily enthusiastic to give right now. The right stories help break through donor distractions, and deliver messages that resonate.

We're born as story-telling creatures, but all too often we get tongue-tied when talking about our nonprofits. It's hard to know if we have our nonprofit's voice, our own voice, or if there's even a difference.

Marc will share a time-tested method for creating your story. And you'll learn the five stories you need to be telling.​

You'll also learn:​​

- learn a method for storytelling that works across cultures,

- hear that method used and a story you're unlikely to forget - and one that will help you with your nonprofit fundraising or marketing,

- learn the five types of stories that will help your nonprofit discover its voice

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