Turning your newsletter into a money-raising, donor-bonding machine - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Turning your newsletter into a money-raising, donor-bonding machine

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Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen will show you how to turn your newsletter into a money-raising, donor-bonding machine!​

In this recorded webinar​, you'll learn:

... how to create newsletters that boost donor retention and raise immediate revenue by inspiring donor and showing them their giving matters.​

... how to choose the right kind of images -- and avoid the kind that drives away donors.

... how to write so you pull your readers breathlessly through every story -- and leave them wanting more!

... the newsletter format that works in test after test.

Watch this webinar and learn from two of the top nonprofit newsletter experts on the planet!   If you want to learn more and ask Jeff and Steven your questions face to face, then join them at the 2015 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  Click here.


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Download the​ slides from this webinar - click here

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Making Money with Donor Newsletters

How to Turn Your Words Into Money: The Master Fundraiser's Guide to Persuasive Writing​

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