Writing Donor-Centric Letters and Appeals - Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Writing Donor-Centric Letters and Appeals

Unlike our regular live webinars in this series, this webinar with Tom Ahern is a pre-recorded webinar.

Tom walks you through actual letters and direct mail pieces from a variety of nonprofit organizations. These were submitted prior to the webinar.

Tom will show you the checklist he uses when writing a direct mail appeal.​

You'll see him critique the writing, improve the storytelling, and share techniques that will improve donor engagement of each letter.

You'll learn what two things matter the most in direct mail.  And you'll learn what to do when faced with having to pare down your complicated story.

You'll watch Tom as he takes you through the process of making each letter more powerful and donor-centric.

If you want to learn more and ask Tom your questions face to face, then join him at the 2015 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  Click here.

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