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Wendy Rohrbacher
Executive Director
Hospice of the Northwest Foundation

Wendy Rohrbacher

I was born a Red Sox fan, so I know a lot about hope. I took to big cities and subways easily. Improbably, I drifted to Alaska. I bought a fly rod. I saw things: beautiful things - less beautiful things. After a while Alaska got cold, like bone deep cold. I moved to Seattle. I worked in environmental consulting. I didn’t love it. My friend got sick. Very sick. I went back East to help. Nothing could save her, but her death saved me in a way. Gave me purpose, conviction.

I came back to the West. I started a nonprofit career. I love it. I feel useful. I change things – for the better. I’m almost never cold.

I am the Executive Director of the Hospice of the Northwest Foundation. I have been raising money to assist people coping with a life limiting illness for over 10 years. I excel in board management, redesigning events to focus on mission, and making donors feel like heroes. I live in Anacortes, Washington with a big goofy dog named Brixton.

My favorite storyteller is...

...John Allen - Poet, Bard, Denali Park Bus Driver, Friend.John Allen drove a big yellow school bus through Denali National Park for 20 years. Those lucky enough to board his bus were treated to his most recent poems, or legends of Denali, or even better legends of his youth. I was a bartender in the Park Hotel bar. Sometimes I gave him free drinks because he kept the whole bar entertained with tales of tourists, wild Alaska, Binky the polar bear, danger, drama, but mostly humor. His voice was clear and smooth and got a little lower after a shot of Rumplemintz. His eyes were blue and green and had sparkling gold flecks in them. His hair was blonde. He was over 60 when I met him. I loved him instantly. We all did.

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