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Grow your nonprofit and become the talk of the town!

Here’s how.

When you come to this year’s conference you're going to get an extraordinary NEW tool.  This tool will help you become a household name in your community.  And it will help grow your donor base so that you raise more funds than ever before!

This new tool is only available at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

It's called:

"Viral Campaign Builder"

The Viral Campaign Builder is the key to crafting messages that will have your community seeking you out.  With this tool, you'll discover and tap into what your community cares about the most.

When it comes to crafting a compelling message for your nonprofit and figuring out what to focus on, there is nothing more powerful than the Viral Campaign Builder.  

The Viral Campaign Builder includes viral campaign case studies, fun interactive elements for you and your board, templates, and guided steps to literally 'build' a campaign that will spark a wildfire of support in your community. 

Going viral starts with knowing how to craft the right message. And that's at the core of the Viral Campaign Builder.

3 Types of Messaging

When you craft your message to donors and to your community at large, you have three different types of messaging available to you.  

1. Typical Messaging:

    - Characteristics: This category is where the majority of nonprofits find themselves. It includes standard, informational, and routine communications about your organization's activities, updates, and general requests for support. The messaging here typically lacks the flair or emotional connection necessary to stand out.

    - Impact: Limited. While it's essential for keeping stakeholders informed, it rarely leads to significant growth or engagement. 

 2. Remarkable Messaging:

    - Characteristics: This is where nonprofits elevate their communications by tapping into storytelling, showcasing impact, and creating more engaging content. The messaging in this category is more refined and creates a stronger emotional connection with your audience.

    - Impact: Noticeable growth and engagement. This category can spur an influx of support and interest but often lacks the momentum for sustained exponential growth.

3. Explosive Messaging:

    - Characteristics: In this category, nonprofits craft messages that don't just speak about the organization, but also resonate profoundly with the community’s values, aspirations, and issues. Instead of asking the community to buy into what the nonprofit is doing, the message aligns the nonprofit with what the community already cares deeply about. It often involves innovation, strong emotional appeal, and tapping into broader social currents.

    - Impact: Viral growth. These messages can take an organization's reach and impact to new heights almost overnight. They capture imagination and passion, creating a groundswell of support and advocacy.

If you want to grow and become a household name you need to be using ‘Explosive Messaging’

The Viral Campaign Builder will guide you to Explosive Messages with the  "MessageMaker" tool. This is the most extraordinary and comprehensive process for crafting messages that resonate with your audience. You've never seen anything like this before!

With the Viral Campaign Builder you'll be able to understand the pulse of your community, identify shared values, and craft messages that not only highlight the work of your nonprofit but become a rallying cry for community action. It's where your message transcends your organization and becomes a movement

"I have not been this energized in a very long time. The conference was exhilarating, chock full of info, refreshing, and an intellectual delight!"

Sherry Manschot // Western DuPage Special Recreation Association

In addition to getting the Viral Campaign Builder, you'll have access to over 45 in-person sessions.  
Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to find new donors
  • Board development
  • How to use stories to raise a lot more money
  • Social media strategies to grow your community
  • Grant storytelling strategies
  • Leadership and team building
  • Storytelling at events
  • and so much more...

It all comes down to this...

In order to raise more money, you must get people excited to support your cause.  And the best way to do that is by telling better stories ... stories that capture the hearts and minds of your community.

At the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference you'll learn how to tell better stories across the many aspects of fundraising and donor communications.

You'll learn how to tap into your donor's emotions.

You'll learn about digital media storytelling, major donor storytelling, visual storytelling, and telling stories at special events.  You'll learn the basics of storytelling as well as advanced storytelling techniques.

Welcome to a different world

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is unlike any conference you've ever attended.

Your job is hard enough.

You are busy taking care of everyone else.  Let us take care of you.

Our goal is to create a space where you'll feel nurtured and cared for.  As you dive deep into the world of storytelling and connecting with donors, we also want you to have a great time and feel inspired when you leave.

Watch the videos below to learn what previous attendees had to say about their experience at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

"You're learning how to shape the story of your a way that amplifies your mission."

"The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is fun! ... Stories are how humans connect with humans."

"This isn't just another conference, it's an experience."

"I can't give it enough 5 star reviews!"

The 2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference takes place in San Diego, CA - November 2-4

The conference is being held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Come join the fun and beautiful weather San Diego has to offer.

Can't make the trip in person?  

Get ALL of the sessions on video and you'll
also get the "Viral Campaign Builder"

If you can't make it to San Diego for the conference, then get the videos.  It's the next best thing to being there in person. Plus, you'll also get the "Viral Campaign Builder".

Each of the 45+ sessions will be recorded on video.  

You'll be able to watch the videos on your own time.  Watch them online or download them and watch them on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Keep them forever and watch them again and again. 

Share the videos with your staff and volunteers.

And share the Viral Campaign Builder with your team.

Buy the videos and you'll also get 10 Bonus videos you can start watching immediately.

Raise Money TODAY with these
Bonus Videos

When you buy a ticket or the videos to the conference, you'll also get ten bonus videos showing you ways to raise right away.

In fact, the first three bonus videos make it super easy for you to be raising more money within the next 2 hours. 

Here are the 10 videos you'll get instant access to:

  1. Send out this donation generating email to raise money today
  2. Get a matching donation from a major donor to raise money today
  3. Send out this inflation appeal to raise money today
  4. What Story Should You Tell
  5. Seven Reasons for donors to give now
  6. How to Raise Undesignated Funds
  7. Before & After Stories: the key ingredient in Donor Reporting Letters
  8. The Major Donor Magic Formula for Determining How Much to Ask For
  9. Creating Story Based Fundraising Assets
  10. Your Board, and How They Can Help You With Major Donor Fundraising


In the first of the bonus videos, you'll learn to write a powerful email.  Here are just two examples of how much people raised within hours after they learned to write this type of email.

"We raised over $2000 in 48 hours, and have gone on to raise over $5000.  In fact, a donor who had already given generously this year sent in $1000 because of the email." Jenny Darlington-Person, Executive Director, Music in the Mountains

"Within 2 hours, the email had raised $1,200. It's been two weeks exactly now and we have raised $8,500 from that single email. Oh my goodness!Sarah Curry, Manager of Storytelling Group, Cookson Hills

Get a ticket or the videos to the conference right now so you can easily raise more money within the next two hours

Final Chance Discount - SAVE $200
and get the "Viral Campaign Builder", plus 
instant access to 10 FREE Bonus Videos
Final Chance Discount Ends Nov. 1st!

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